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Why is outsourcing better than keeping it in-house?

It is said time and time again especially at networking events across the country that people buy people. Some businesses and individuals like to deal with companies that have a full team but many nowadays prefer to deal with one person so that they are getting the quality, time and understanding that they need on a daily basis.

People like to feel special and they like a personal touch. When I set out alone, I had a clear vision in mind on how I could dedicate my time and knowledge to each customer, as if your business was my own investment and this makes me stand out from the crowd.

My passion, knowledge and values will always be and have always been my main priority when dealing with customer service. A personal touch will go a long way and be remembered - poor customer service, however, will not. You may get a promise of excellent customer service from a larger company but can they deliver it? I know I can.

Check out my top 5 things to consider when thinking of outsourcing below:

1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Be honest with yourself, you can’t be great at EVERY-THING! You may prefer to concentrate on finding suitable properties to let rather than dealing with tenancy renewals for example yet this is what’s taking more of your time.

2. What is the most profitable thing you do in your business and how much time do you spend doing it?

You may find that property finding, for instance, is having less time spent on it and quality is being compromised because you’re too busy responding to maintenance issues for example!

3. What do you actually enjoy doing in your business and what don’t you enjoy?

After all, you set up this business to be happy AND successful right?!

4. Would it not be better to take on staff?

You might not be at the stage where taking on employees is the right way to go, with staff comes responsibilities, added costs and you can’t pick and choose whether you need them depending on whether you’re having a good/busy month or not!

5. Who do I choose and how does outsourcing work?

The first thing to do if possible is get advice, canvas opinion from friends and business contacts as recommendations count for a lot.

Testimonials from happy clients are always a good judge of how good an outsourcing agency is too. Once you’ve chosen what and how to outsource, agree and sign a contract so you both know what’s expected, what work will be delivered by when, how and for what cost.

Here at Executive Property Management Solutions, you know from the offset and that first initial contact that you will be in good hands and well looked after. After all, I am here to support you and guide you every step of the way. I know my client's business history inside out and that’s the way it should be.

Our relationship will grow and your life will become easier and stress-free when you outsource your portfolio. You can rest safe in the knowledge that you will speak to a human being and not just the company every single time.

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