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Flying Solo......

I am sure most of you have been there! Sat on the rather unpleasant smelling London tube, feeling like you are just part of the rat race, wishing you could just work for yourself from home. Having to put up with that person (or several) in the office that just irritate you. However, it is not just the logistical issues of working for other people, it is the constant frustration of having unfulfilled ideas for the business and not being able to fully utilise your knowledge and experience. How we all often wish we had our own business! Well, I did not just dream about this and I have taken the plunge and here I am, Kareen Lawrence, MD of Executive Property Management Solutions, supporting lettings departments who are struggling with their workload.

Now, don't get me wrong, I have loved all of my roles but I have dreamed of being my own boss, putting my values into my business, my passion and love of all things property and customer service into creating my own outsourcing business to Estate Agents. I truly believe that people like to deal with people, real people and not huge teams and call centres. After all, this is people’s investments and homes we are talking about. I offer a personal touch to outsourcing and dedicate my time and knowledge to each customer as if it were my own investment. I can relate to all the issues Estate Agents come across but I actually enjoy taking these issues from you, running with them and only returning with a solution!

What am I trying to achieve with my first blog? Just a connection, for you to sense a realness with me that you may not get with the big corporate. I may be a start up, but I am full of fire and intend to build my empire and customer base built on my values of awesome customer service skills. I will keep you posted on my journey but if you want to have a chat in the meantime please give me a call on 020 8575 7630.

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