The Key To Property Management

Do you actually know what I do? You may see me posting on a daily basis across various social media platforms and you may have asked yourself once or twice, "What does Kareen do"?

Well, here I am breaking down what I do.

According to Arvato outsourcing deals worth, a total of £6.2 billion were agreed in the UK over the period of 2016. It is becoming more and more popular to outsource those weaknesses and time reliant tasks to those who specialise in certain areas and that include me.

First steps

If you look back at my first ever blog you will notice that I dreamed of being my own boss, putting my values into my business, my passion and love of all things property and customer service into creating my own outsourcing business to Estate Agents. I truly believed that people like to deal with people, real people and not huge teams and call centres.

Personal touch

After all, this is people’s investments and homes we are talking about. I offer a personal touch to outsourcing and dedicate my time and knowledge to each customer as if it were my own investment.

I can relate to all the issues Estate Agents come across but I actually enjoy taking these issues from you, running with them and only returning with a solution!

Outsourcing isn't difficult

Yes, you could decide to manage your entire property portfolio in-house but imagine the stresses, the headaches and the not so free time that you will have to deal with. I set my business so that you could run yours more efficiently.


I offer two options, both which can be found on my website and includes tenancy administration, rent collection and accounts and I offer a unique offering which includes the option of having a branded service.

So, if you're curious about outsourced property management or are keen to find out more about how my business could help you, then I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you for a discussion.

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