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What Are a Tenant’s Responsibilities?

What Are a Tenant’s Responsibilities?

There is a lot of discussions online about the responsibilities of landlords and letting agents when it comes to renting out properties, but what are a tenant’s responsibilities? Renters also sign up to the tenancy agreement, and that outlines a number of duties that they must fulfil to allow the relationship with the property owner and their agent to flourish and for the rental period to run smoothly.

Tenants’ Responsibilities - Essentials

Here are the main responsibilities of tenants when it comes to entering into a rental agreement, starting with the basics that appear in pretty much every tenancy.

Pay the Rent

The cornerstone of tenants’ responsibilities is to pay their rent. It could be weekly or monthly, almost always paid in advance, but however, it works out in any individual tenancy, not paying the rent is one of the most common reasons for eviction.

Of course, as well as paying the rent, it is important that it is paid in time. There is usually an agreed day on which to make the payment, whether it is by bank transfer, cash, cheque or any other method.

Provide the Correct Documents

Before a tenant can rent a property, they must provide the correct documents to allow the landlord or letting the agent to perform a right to rent check. This is to ascertain that the renter is officially allowed to live in the UK and is therefore eligible to enter into a tenancy.

Everyone who will live in the house and is 18 or over needs to supply documentation. This could be a passport. For British and Irish residents, a birth certificate is also an acceptable form of identification.

Without these documents, prospective renters cannot enter into a tenancy agreement. For those who are undergoing a current immigration application or appealing a failed application, the landlord or letting agent can apply for a Home Office right to rent check.

Take Care of the Property

Although the landlord or letting agent is in charge of repairs and maintenance on the property, the tenants must play their part too. This includes not mistreating items in the house provided by the landlord. In this case, they will be charged for any damage caused.

They need to inform the letting agent as soon as they notice any maintenance issues so a repair can be made in good time before the problem develops. In addition, they should do all they can to help avoid the build-up of damp or condensation by keeping their home ventilated, they need to ensure rubbish is disposed of properly, as well as checking that smoke alarms work, changing blown light bulbs and other minor tasks.

Creating Neighbours With Respect

Whilst a tenant lives in their landlord’s house, they agree to behave in a responsible manner. This means avoiding anti-social behaviour in and around the property. If anyone in the house acts in an antisocial manner, landlords are within their rights to take steps to evict them.

It is a tenant’s responsibility to ensure the behaviour of everyone who lives in the home or visits it during their tenancy does not become antisocial.

Give Access to Landlords

Another responsibility of tenants is to allow the landlord or their representatives access to the property when they need it. This could be to perform repairs or to check to see whether repairs and maintenance are necessary. The landlord must give the tenant advance warning if they intend to enter the property, and usually, they are able to agree on a mutually convenient date and time.

Ask Permission

Before making changes to decorations, taking in a lodger, running a business from the address or taking any other such decision, it is a tenant’s responsibility to ask permission from the landlord. The landlord has a right to say no, but that is their prerogative as the owner of the property.

Tenants’ Responsibilities - Optional Extras

The tenants’ responsibilities listed above are the kinds of clauses that feature in pretty much every tenancy agreement or are those required by law. There are also a number of other responsibilities that a landlord and letting agent may require, which is why it is important to read the tenancy agreement thoroughly.

The landlord may have strict rules on smoking, for example. If they dictate that there should be no smoking or vaping in the property, the tenant’s responsibility is to abide by that rule. Similarly, they might ban pets from living in the home or may request that the tenant looks after basic garden maintenance as well.

Hep Enforcing Tenants’ Responsibilities

If you require help enforcing these tenants’ responsibilities, Executive Property Management Solutions take on that responsibility under our property management packages. We perform maintenance checks and property inspections, chase payments, complete the paperwork necessary for the tenancy to begin and chase pate payments amongst other tasks. Take a look at the Making Lettings Easier page to find out more.

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