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How Letting Agents Can Attract the Best Landlords

How Letting Agents Can Attract the Best Landlords

The rental industry is competitive and every letting agent is chasing the best landlords; those who own the properties most attractive to tenants. It is important to find landlords that you can work with easily and who will not cause you any headaches. In order to attract the best landlords, you need to be at the top of your game, be highly visible and prove to them that you are the agency that can provide them with occupied properties and minimal hassle.

But how do you go about proving yourself to these highly prized clients? This is our guide to show you how letting agents can attract the best landlords. Take a look at these suggestions and consider adding them into your strategy.

Make a Concerted Social Media Effort

Landlords want letting agents to be as visible as possible to give them the best chance of filling their properties. Social media is an incredible opportunity to spread your message to local renters. However, all of your rivals will also recognise the awesome potential of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which means you have to take it to another level.

Don’t just throw a few links up to your latest properties and think that is enough. You need to engage your followers and interact with them to make sure that your brand comes up in people’s timelines. Add in videos and other eye-catching content such as infographics to set yourself apart from the competition.

If you are active and stand out on socials, you show to landlords that you are serious about what you do. This helps to attract the best landlords.

Networking for Letting Agents

A great way to endear yourself to the best landlords is to get out and meet them. Consider visiting places where there are large numbers of landlords and speak to them. Let them know who you are, what you do and ask them about what they want from a letting agent. The perfect place to do this is at a property auction. They are usually filled with current landlords looking to add to their portfolio and new buy-to-letters who need to find a letting agent to run their property.

Run Seminars for Letting Agents

A great way to get landlords to come to you is to offer them some real value for doing so. Running seminars to help landlords start off their property career brings them through your doors and gives them something that your rivals most likely are not doing.

You can get to know these landlords and potentially work with some of them in the future. In addition, they go away with your company front and centre in their minds when it comes to finding someone to help solve the potential problems they will face in their work.

Get in Contact With Previous Clients

If you have worked with quality clients in the past, get in touch to see if they need your services again. It could be that they tried to carry out their rentals on their own and may regret that decision. They might have moved to a different agency that does not fulfil their needs or there could have been many other reasons why they moved away from your services. That doesn’t mean they won’t come back. If you know they are the sort of people you want to work with, contact them. It costs nothing but could bring their business back.

If you want to attract the best landlords, make sure you don’t forget to talk to those whose contact details you already have!

Outsource Property Management

Being able to offer a slick and professional service with regards to maintenance, administration, rental accounts and more is a real bonus when attracting good quality landlords. By outsourcing these tasks to us, you can concentrate on bringing in the landlords and connecting them with the right tenants, while we ensure that the tenancy is as smooth and problem-free as possible. Find out more about our property management options on the dedicated page.

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