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Property Listing Tips for Landlords and Letting Agents

Trading Standards has introduced new guidelines aimed at simplifying property listing terminology, making it easier for both landlords and letting agents to create clearer and more transparent property adverts.

These guidelines emphasise the importance of accurate and honest descriptions. They include standard definitions for some of the common terms used in property adverts, so that those advertising properties can make it clear to potential tenants what they are looking at when they come across the listing.

Your listings are your route to renting out your property and, as well as being sure to be truthful with your descriptions, you also need to attract viewers by showing off the benefits of living in it. This article will help landlords and letting agents create compelling property listings that attract potential tenants.

Property Listing Tips

Put these tips into practice to create effective listings and attract tenants.

Use Clear and Concise Language

The new guidelines emphasise clear and straightforward language. Avoid jargon and complex terminology that might confuse potential tenants. Be precise about the property's key features, such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and any unique selling points.

Highlight Key Features

Make sure to showcase the property's most attractive features. This could include a spacious garden, modern kitchen appliances, proximity to public transport or a dedicated parking space, for example. Use bullet points or bold text to draw attention to these aspects.

Professional Photography

Invest in professional photography to capture the property's true essence. High-quality images can significantly impact a tenant's decision-making process. Ensure that photos are well-lit, showcase every room and accurately represent the property's condition.

Include a Detailed Floor Plan

A floor plan helps potential tenants visualise the property's layout. It provides crucial information about room dimensions and flow, aiding prospective tenants in assessing whether the property suits their needs.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Accurate and honest descriptions are paramount. Avoid exaggerations or misleading claims about the property. Tenants will appreciate transparency and will be more likely to trust you as a landlord or letting agent. If they move in and find that the property is not all that was advertised, this can lead to a breakdown in the relationship.

Mention Local Amenities

Highlight nearby amenities and facilities that could be appealing to potential tenants, such as highly rated schools, parks and supermarkets. Mentioning these can make your property listing more attractive.

Be Upfront About Costs

Clearly state the rent amount and any additional costs such as service charges, utility bills, or council tax. Tenants appreciate knowing the full financial commitment upfront.

Include Contact Information

Ensure your contact details, or those of your letting agency, are prominently displayed in the listing. Make it easy for potential tenants to reach out with inquiries or to arrange viewings. It sounds obvious, but some landlords spend a lot of time on the listing and yet fail to provide an easy, direct route to contact them.

Create an Engaging Title

Craft a compelling title or headline that captures the essence of the property. Mention unique features, location benefits or any special offers. A well-thought-out title can entice potential tenants to click on your listing.

Regularly Update Listings

Keep property listings up-to-date. Remove listings for properties that are no longer available to avoid tenant frustration. Update any changes in rent or property details promptly.

Utilise Online Platforms

Use property listing websites and social media to expand your reach. These platforms offer a broader audience and can help you find the right tenants quickly.

Encourage Reviews and Testimonials

Positive reviews and testimonials from previous tenants can build trust and credibility. Encourage satisfied tenants to leave feedback that you can showcase in your listings.

Offer Virtual Tours

Consider providing virtual tours or video walkthroughs. In today's digital age, many tenants appreciate the ability to explore a property online before arranging a physical viewing.

Consider Targeted Marketing

Tailor your property listings to your target audience. For example, if you're targeting student tenants, emphasise features relevant to them, like proximity to universities or public transportation.

Respond Promptly

Lastly, respond promptly to enquiries and viewing requests. A quick response shows professionalism and can help secure the right tenant sooner.

Importance of a Property Listing

The new guidelines from Trading Standards underscore the importance of a clear and transparent property listing. And by following these actionable tips, landlords and letting agents can create compelling adverts that not only adhere to these guidelines but also attract potential tenants effectively. Remember that well-presented listings are more likely to generate interest, reduce vacancy periods, and result in successful tenancies.

With so much work on the shoulders of letting agents and landlords, the chance to outsource your property management services could free up a good deal of your time. We are experts in all aspects of property management, ensuring that your tenants receive the best possible service. Talk to us today using the Contact box below.


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