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Strengthening the Landlord/Tenant Relationship

Strengthening the Landlord/tenant Relationship

If you ever hear about the landlord/tenant relationship, it is usually based on a negative story in the press in which the two parties fell out. In reality, the vast majority of landlords and tenants have no ill feeling towards the other. In fact, with lettings agents and tenancies in which no repairs are needed, they can often complete the rental period without even talking to each other.

However, in case there are issues to overcome in the future, it is a good idea to try and foster goodwill between the homeowner and the renter. This makes it more likely that any matters that do arise will be resolved amicably. With that in mind, here are some ways to strengthen the landlord/tenant relationship.

First Impressions

An early way to sow the seeds of a positive relationship is to meet before the tenant even moves in. Even just a quick hello from the landlord when the prospective tenant is viewing the property or on moving day can help things get off on the right foot.

If the landlord wants to go that extra step, leaving a small gift such as a bottle of wine or box of chocolates for the new occupant is a nice touch.

Let Everyone Know Where They Stand

If everyone knows their responsibilities, there is little room for disagreement. This is why having a detailed tenancy agreement in place is vitally important. It leaves nothing to chance and acts as a handy reference point when problems occur, meaning that they can be dealt with swiftly.

If you want help from experts in writing tenancy agreements, contact Executive Property Management Solutions today. We are experienced, professional and keep our knowledge of the industry up to date at all times to help us create fair and watertight tenancy agreements for landlords and letting agents.

Maintain Contact

A landlord who responds promptly to their tenants always makes a good impression. Only talking to the tenant when there is a dispute or rent is due can set up an antagonistic atmosphere between the parties.

Simply responding in a reasoned manner when confronted with queries or concerns goes a long way to offering the tenant peace of mind.

Deal With Issues Swiftly

It is one thing to reply to a query quickly, but it is another to sort problems straight away. However, in order to show the intent to make the tenant’s life as comfortable as possible, landlords should also seek to fix issues as soon as possible.

A tenant who has been left without a working shower for a fortnight is less likely to act rationally in a future disagreement. If the landlord has issues fixed in a timely manner, the renter will be more accommodating.

How Tenants Can Help the Landlord/Tenant Relationship

Of course, it is not all one-way traffic. Tenants can also help strengthen the landlord/tenant relationship. Simple ways to do this include informing the landlord of any minor issues as soon as possible, so they don’t develop into major problems unbeknownst to the owner.

In addition, tidying the garden, even if they are not specifically required to by the tenancy agreement is another easy win. Something as simple as dropping round post for the landlord that has been delivered to the rental property is an act that shows respect and a willingness to work together.

Advantages of Strengthening the Landlord/Tenant Relationship

The main advantage of strengthening the landlord/tenant relationship is that it makes it more likely the tenant will take good care of the property. In addition, they are more likely to extend their tenancy, disagreements are easier to resolve and having a good reputation as a fair and friendly landlord is handy for enticing future rentals.

Whether you are a letting agent, landlord or tenant, it is plain to see why collaboration is the best solution for every party.

Maintenance, tenancy agreements and much more feature in our two property management options available for lettings agents. Take a look at the many outsourcing services we offer as part of these packages on the Making Lettings Easier page or call Executive Property Management Solutions on 0208 5757630 right now.

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