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Save Time With These Busy Letting Agent Tips

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With the rental market short of stock and tenants still keen to snap up properties, you might well have found yourself very busy. Trying to bring in more rentals at the same time as dealing with customers can consume your working life and leave you feeling burnt out, so make sure you learn how to save time with these busy letting agent tips, compiled to help you find some calm within the storm.

Prequalify Tenants

When you work with a situation in which there are more tenants than properties, a lot of your time will be spent filtering through the profiles of renters to work out which are viable candidates for your landlords. Rather than wait for applications to flood in before assessing their suitability, ask some questions of tenants as soon as they make contact to ensure they are in a situation to move forwards. This way, you only need to do it once, no matter how many properties they look at.

You can get a better idea of their work situation when their current tenancy ends and any other factors that mean they are worth putting forward to your landlords if they take a fancy to any of your properties before you reach the formal referencing stage.

Use Video Viewings as a First Step

How many viewings have you undertaken where the renters took an instant dislike to the property and you just knew there was no chance they were going to apply? It seems like a complete waste of your or your colleague’s time to travel to and from the property if it is miles away from the expectations of the tenants.

This is where video viewing can save you time. It is a step up from the usual still images, as it gives you a real impression of moving through the property as you would in real life. This stage should act to give the prospective renters a better impression of what to expect and cause those who would reject the property outright to leave the process.

This means that any in-person viewings you do attend should be with candidates who will at least consider the rental.

Automate Your Processes

One of the key letting agent tips is that not every action you take as a business has to be driven by a human. Automation is key in making organisations more efficient and saving you time. This can be anything from using invoice software that follows up on unpaid rent to text messages that update tenants on the status of situations and important information at any time of the day or night.

Rather than deal with every process manually, see what you can automate easily and you will find yourself saving significant chunks of time during your working day.

Outsource Your Property Management

Property management takes up a huge portion of your time as a letting agent. By outsourcing to Executive Property Management Solutions, you win that time back without compromising on the quality of the service you give your landlords and tenants. In fact, it often improves the service, as property management is what we do all day, every day. Our professional and experienced team takes on your duties and ensures your property management tasks are kept up to date and maintenance and admin completed in good time.

We have two property management packages to offer, and you can check them out on the Make Lettings Easier page of our website.

If you could benefit from the latter of these letting agent tips, contact us today to find out more.


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