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The Most Common Landlord Insurance Claims and How to Avoid Them

Margins are tighter than ever for many landlords and the last thing you need is an increase in your insurance premiums. But that is what happens if you have to make landlord insurance claims. Each time you claim, it is likely that your insurance company will push up the price for your renewal and eat into your profits.

Here are the most common landlord insurance claims, along with advice on how to avoid them in the future and prevent yourself from having to face bigger bills.

Common Landlord Insurance Claims

Storm damage

You can never predict the great British weather, but you can be sure that there will be high winds and heavy rain at some point. Unfortunately, many landlords find that these weather events can damage their property, including affecting the roof and leading to tiles falling.

As you move into the stormy season, in the first few months of the year usually, you should look to make sure your properties are ready for the weather onslaught.

Look at your properties in the daylight for loose tiles and make sure that your guttering and downpipes are intact. Clear your gutters and drains out every few months and cut back trees that could cause damage in stormy weather. You should also check that your fences and gates are sturdy too to prevent common landlord claims.

Water damage

There are many ways in which water can damage your property. Internal leaks from burst pipes, faulty applianceslike washing machines and dishwashers or issues with sinks and toilets can lead to mould, water damage and even rotting of wooden floorboards if you don’t address them quickly enough.

Regular inspections of your pipes, lagging those that could freeze and encouraging tenants to report problems like blocked toilets as soon as they happen can help you prevent these issues.

There is also the risk of flooding to consider. If your property is in a flood risk area, you should supply tenants with sandbags for when there is an alert. Other measures such as installing non-return valves for toilets and sewer pipes can help prevent overflow issues in such circumstances too.

Break-in damage

Unfortunately, there are people who look to break into properties in order to steal items within. This can be a real concern with rental properties, which might not have the same level of preventative measures as when someone occupies their own property and can install permanent features, such as cameras.

Ensuring that the locks are of good quality and secure on both doors and windows is the most obvious way to prevent having to make landlord insurance claims for break-ins. Additionally, installing burglar alarms and smart doorbells can help dissuade potential burglars.

Help With Avoiding Landlord Insurance Claims

Good maintenance is one way to help keep rental properties secure and free from damage. It gives your properties the best possible chance of withstanding storms and means that you spot internal issues before they become major problems.

If you want help to reduce landlord insurance claims, our property management solution includes comprehensive and professional maintenance service. We give peace of mind to both landlord and tenant and you can find out more at our Make Lettings Easier page.


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