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The Art of Spotting High Quality Tenants: A Landlord's Guide


Previous Rental History

A tenant's past can be a predictor of their future actions. Contacting previous landlords for references can provide insights into the tenant's reliability and behaviour.


Positive feedback from former landlords is a strong indicator of a responsible and respectful high quality tenant. However, remember that everyone deserves a chance, so one negative reference shouldn't be the sole disqualifier.

Background Checks

Skipping a background check is a risk no landlord should take. This includes criminal record checks and any history of evictions. With this information, you can make a considered decision about whether they make the right fit for your property.

Observation During Viewings

A tenant's conduct during a property viewing can reveal much about their character and intentions. Pay attention to how they treat the property during the viewing, the questions they ask, and their overall demeanour. It’s often these subtle cues that differentiate a considerate tenant from a careless one.


A tenant's communication style is a telling factor for how your future relationship may work. Prompt, clear and respectful communication often indicates a cooperative nature. On the other hand, evasive or inconsistent communication might raise some red flags for you.


Lifestyle and Habits

Without prying too much into the tenant’s private life, their lifestyle could offer an insight into whether they would be suitable. For example, a tenant who works night shifts might prefer a quiet environment, aligning with a property located in a serene neighbourhood.

The Legal Framework: Fairness in Screening

While screening tenants, it’s crucial to adhere to all fair housing laws and avoid discriminatory practices. This ensures not only a diverse tenant pool but also protects the landlord from legal repercussions.


It is illegal for a landlord to refuse to rent a property to someone based on any of the following factors:


●      Nationality

●      Disability

●      Religion

●      Race

●      Marital status

●      Gender identity

●      Pregnancy status

●      Sexual orientation

Taking a Balanced Approach to Find High Quality Tenants

In summary, spotting high quality tenants involves a balanced approach, blending thorough background checks with intuitive assessments during your interactions with them. It’s about looking beyond the surface to understand the tenant's character, lifestyle and financial habits. Remember, a good tenant not only ensures a steady income but also peace of mind, making the effort well worth it.


We take the process of referencing out of your hands as part of our property management solution. To find out what else we can do for you, see our Make Lettings Easier page.


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