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One Way Or Another

Two weeks ago Arla PropertyMark sent out a newsletter outlining the Government Agenda on Letting Fees.

They covered the Queens Speech Announcement and the outcome was deemed "disappointing" as consultation times were questioned and the decision had already been made before the closure date and that the industry and the contacts within had not been listened to.

I have covered this a number of times and it is important to keep an eye out on progress and updates. Originally the 2016 Autumn Statement announced that letting agents fees will be banned.

Currently letting agents can charge a number of fees to cover costs such as reference checks, administration and employability checks to tenants.

How has this been decided?

According to the charity Shelter 1 in 4 people feel that they have been charged unfair letting fees.

How will this affect tenants?

Charges will be lower but rents are likely to rise as landlord's look to cover their costs.

My plan?

I am in the process of reconsidering my fees and how these will affect my clients but they will be fair and well thought out. Keep an eye out for my changes, they will be announced soon.

It's a matter of time!

It may be a matter of time and change is coming but I am preparing. If you’d like to discuss my fees then do you get in touch with me today.

One thing I can guarantee is that I offer a first class service with a personal touch and by continuing to do so this will allow me to manage your properties with professionalism and passion.

So, if you are an estate agent or lettings agent that would like professional support then outsource to Executive Property Management Solutions today.

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