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Gas Safety

From the 18th to the 24th September the seventh annual gas safety week took place and enforcement are at an all-time high for agents and landlords.

Although this is campaign has finished it is important to remember that this is an issue that should be regulated and thought about all year round. This year 7,831 companies and organisations signed up to be part of Gas Safety Week 2017. It is always worthwhile bookmarking the date and registering next year to be involved.

Gas appliances that have not been well looked after or maintained can cause serious incidents such as gas explosions, leaks and fire.

In my last blog, I wrote about registering your appliance and how to make sure that your rental property is compliant, safe and up to the correct standards when it comes to gas, electricity and fire safety.

If you missed this blog titled Register and Bookmark then you can read about it here:

If you pop over to the Arla PropertyMark website you will see case studies where a number of landlords have been prosecuted for putting the health and safety of their tenants at risk.

A link to this can be found here:

The Gas Safety Week has a very important tool for you as a landlord or your tenant to use to determine just how safe your area is. Statistics from the Gas Safety website show that 1 in 6 homes are unsafe, make sure that it is not yours!

By checking the website by postcode you can see how safe your area is and set a reminder to get your gas appliance checked on a yearly basis.

Don't put yourself and others in danger - be compliant today.

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