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Councils Versus Rogue Traders

Rogue landlords. You may have read about them and you will often see them on popular daytime TV programmes.

The Communities and Local Government Committee have launched an inquiry into whether councils have adequate powers to tackle rogue landlords.

You can be involved by submitting a word document that addresses a number of points found in the article. The closing date is the 24th November.

Rogue landlords are a very dangerous character and the council are looking to crack down on these individuals in a bid to make renting safer.

Since April 2017 councils can now fine rogue landlords up to £30,000 instead of prosecution for any offences that the landlord may commit, there is no longer a way of just shrugging it off.

The above may seem all doom and gloom but the action is a positive measure as it means that tenants will be assured of a safer and fair place to live.

According to the Independent, almost a third of private rented homes in England fail basic health and safety standards. This shouldn't be the case.

You can read their article here:

As a property management company, I will make sure that your property is in tip-top shape and will alert you of any problems before they become an issue.

Having a second person in tow will let your tenants know that they have a friendly and available agent on hand to help deal with any queries.

I've designed my business to ensure customer service levels are met and exceeded at all times. This may seem like an obvious requirement, but from experience, it's one that's often overlooked by many service providers - which is a real shame.

If you're curious about outsourced property management or are keen to find out more about how my business could help you, then I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you for a discussion.

Get in touch today and let's keep rogue landlords at bay!

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