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Are You Missing Out on Energy Efficient Grants For Rental Properties?

Landlords play a crucial role in providing quality housing for tenants and can also contribute to a sustainable future. Despite some concerns that the government is backtracking on some green promises, it has introduced and enhanced some schemes to improve the energy efficiency of properties. Are you missing out on energy efficient grants for your rental?


Now is the time to seize the opportunity to claim eco-improvement funds if you meet the eligibility criteria. Not only will it be a win for the environment, but it can reduce bills for tenants and make your property more attractive to prospective renters.


Here’s the details of what is on offer.


Energy Efficient Grants for Landlords

The Great British Insulation Scheme


The Great British Insulation Scheme is a recently launched government initiative aimed at helping homeowners and landlords enhance the energy efficiency of their properties. It provides financial support for insulation upgrades, allowing participants to reduce energy consumption and cut down on utility bills. This scheme is scheduled to run until March 2026, providing an extended period for eligible individuals to benefit and make their homes more energy-efficient.


The idea is to help property owners install proper insulation which minimises heat loss and maximises energy conservation. This contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious living environment.


Boiler Upgrade Scheme


The Boiler Upgrade Scheme, managed by Ofgem, is an environmental and social initiative that aims to encourage the replacement of older, inefficient boilers with more energy-efficient models.


The scheme provides financial incentives to eligible participants, helping you upgrade your heating systems to greener and more sustainable alternatives. By promoting the adoption of energy-efficient boilers, it contributes to reduced energy consumption and lower carbon emissions.


From October 2023, the energy efficient grants available in the Boiler Upgrade Scheme were:

●      air source heat pumps: £7,500

●      ground source heat pumps: £7,500

●      biomass boilers: £5,000


Warmer Homes Programme


The Warmer Homes Programme is a comprehensive initiative designed to address issues related to fuel poverty and inefficient heating systems in the UK. It aims to provide financial support and assistance to eligible households in certain areas, enabling them to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and reduce energy costs.


Through the programme, households can install insulation, solar PV panels and other mechanisms to save energy.


Through a combination of funding and practical guidance, the programme seeks to create warmer and more comfortable living environments for vulnerable individuals and families, ultimately helping improve overall living standards and reducing fuel poverty.


Funding is available until March 2025 and is open to private rental tenants. Pass the details on to your tenants to help them


Property Management

Just like these energy efficient grants can ease your mind and assure you that you are helping tenants and the environment, we aim to take the weight of property management off your shoulders. Talk to use today, using the Contact box below.


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