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Is The End In Sight?

I have recently been writing and speaking out about the letting ban debate and have written a number of blogs in regards to this and here again, I am writing about the findings and the way forward.

Back in May, I published a blog titled Speak Up and Speak Out which followed a March blog Ban or Cap and the letting fees debate if you missed either of these then grab a coffee and visit my website where you can find all of my historic entries.

Back to the matter at hand, so a few weeks ago Arla PropertyMark sent out a newsletter outlining the Government Agenda on Letting Fees.

They covered the Queens Speech Announcement and the outcome was deemed "disappointing" as consultation times were questioned and the decision had already been made before the closure date and that the industry and the contacts within had not been listened to.

This month Arla PropertyMark wrote about the responses to the campaign that they had launched and over 4,700 responses were recorded.

What will this mean for tenants?

Arla PropertyMark wrote, "A ban will mean that tenants are better able to search around for properties that suit their budget with no hidden costs. This is preferable to tenants being hit with upfront charges that can be difficult for them to afford.”

If you would like to read the article then please follow this link

What will this mean for letting agents?

Letting agents have to now look at the way they run their business and make sure that they can find a way to offer a high level of service whilst being transparent to their client’s and by working alongside the landlord to discuss and negotiate fair and open fees.

It may all seem very confusing and I, as an agent, can tell you, it is but we are working to improve the future of lettings and by being honest and open that is the first step. If you are still feeling confused by the hole debate then Letting Fees have a fantastic article Letting Fees: What We Know And Why They Need To Go – check it out here

Until we have further updates I will continue to keep you posted with all of the information regarding the campaign, debate and news along with articles and useful reports through my blog.

If you would like to sign up to my newsletter for further relevant property news then pop over to my Facebook Page and sign up on the newsletter tab

Until next time, take care.

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