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How to Build a Strong Relationship Between Lettings Agent and Landlord

Relationship Between Lettings Agent and Landlord

There is a need for a good working alliance between tenant and landlord but a strong relationship between lettings agent and landlord is also important. If these two parties get on well, this also affects their tenants positively. However, it takes effort on behalf of the agent to keep their landlords happy, so here is a list of easy wins.

Good Communication

Communication is key in any working relationship, and particularly when dealing with such high stakes. A landlord places a precious possession (their property) in the agent’s hands, and relies on the agent to maximise their return and ensure the property is occupied for the longest time possible.

If there are any issues, the lettings agent needs to speak with the landlord as soon as possible. This means they need to be easily reachable. Similarly, if the landlord has any concerns, they need to flag them swiftly and receive a prompt answer.

Both parties needs robust systems in place to keep the lines of communication open. This prevents problems escalating out of control.

Value for Money

Landlords need to feel they are getting value for money. They have to know that the service given is worth the slice of the rent they pay. If they feel they would be better off keeping the whole sum and using the saving to project manage the rental themselves, that can lead to a breakdown of the relationship with the agent.

Executive Property Management Solutions dedicates itself to taking this responsibility from lettings agents. We can take on as many or as few of the tasks that are required and dedicate our entire time and efforts towards them. This means that the service is always top notch and offers great value for money for landlords.

We can hunt for references, chase rent, sort out gas certificates and much more. See some examples of the services we offer at the Make Lettings Easier page.

Are the Tenants Happy?

The happiness of the tenants is a key element in a strong relationship between lettings agent and landlord. Tenants want their dealings with the letting agent to be as smooth and pain-free as possible, and to know that their maintenance issues will be dealt with swiftly and to their satisfaction.

A letting agent may have many tenants but the tenants only have one letting agent. It is tough to dedicated adequate time to each tenant when multiple queries come in but if they feel they are being ignored or sidelined, that could be enough to spur them to move out.

A happy tenant is likely to want to stay, keeping that property occupied. In turn, an occupied property with a satisfied renter helps strengthen the bond between lettings agent and landlord.

If you are a letting agent that is struggling to offer that personal touch to your tenants, contact us right now. We can take the maintenance off your hands because this is our business, we can respond promptly to issues and remedy them. This makes for contented tenants.

Do the Complicated Stuff

A good way to make a landlord grateful for their letting agent is to competently sort out the complicated tasks that are difficult for a non-professional to get their head around. It could be GDPR compliance , adhering to health and safety legislation, processing deposits or any manner of other legal minefields.

The peace of mind for the landlord, knowing that these tasks are taken care of, builds trust between the parties. These items also fall under the services that Executive Property Management Solutions provides.

Can Outsourcing Build a Strong Relationship Between Lettings Agent and Landlord?

Being a letting agent is a tough task, there’s no denying it. You have to juggle the very different worlds of sales and management at the same time. Outsourcing your property management allows you the freedom to bring in more business.

This keeps your existing landlords happy and encourages them to stick with you, whilst giving you a fantastic selling point to put to potential new clients. You can boast about the high level of service you are able to offer tenants and landlords. If you would like to discuss your outsourcing needs, call us now on 0208 5757630 or use the form below to contact us online.

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