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How to Secure a Rental Property and Make Your Tenants Feel Safe

A recent survey found that many tenants do not feel safe in their properties. One reason for this is inadequate fire safety planning, but there are also many other reasons why renters might feel concerned for their security. This article explores how to secure a rental property and make your tenants feel safe.

The more safe and comfortable tenants feel in a property, the more likely they are to want to stay in that home and the fewer void periods you experience. It makes sense to look after this aspect of your property management and make living in your property a more pleasurable and rewarding experience.

How to Secure a Rental Property – Tips

Install quality locks and deadbolts

One of the most basic but crucial steps to securing a rental property is ensuring that all entry points have quality locks and deadbolts. Make sure that all doors have deadbolts installed and that all windows have secure locks.

Many insurance companies in the UK demand that locks meet the BS 3621 British Standard, so make sure you check they meet the requirements when installing them in your rental property.

Install a security system

When it comes to how to secure a rental property, a security system is a great way to give tenants peace of mind and act as a deterrent to potential burglars. There are many affordable security systems on the market today, from basic motion sensors to comprehensive systems with cameras, remote access and even connectivity to call centres that can send out staff to check the property and tenants are okay.

Provide outdoor lighting

Adequate lighting around the property can discourage potential criminals and make tenants feel safer. Install motion-sensor lights around entry points and outdoor common areas. These light up when people come near, drawing attention and making it less likely that burglars will want to try to enter the house.

Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors regularly to ensure that they are functioning correctly. Replace the batteries every six months and replace the detectors themselves every ten years.

Install fire doors

Secure a rental property with fire doors. Fire doors can hold off fire and smoke for an amount of time, giving tenants a better chance of escaping before it makes its way to the room in which they are situated. Knowing that they have this additional time can make tenants feel more safe.

Address any safety hazards

Walk through the rental property with the tenant, keeping an eye out for potential safety hazards, such as loose railings, uneven stairs or exposed wiring. Address any issues promptly to prevent accidents and show that you are doing all you can to keep tenants safe.

Keep communication lines open

Regularly check in with your tenants and ask if they have any safety concerns. Encourage them to report any suspicious activity or potential safety hazards immediately.

How to Secure a Rental Property By Outsourcing Property Management

Securing a rental property and making tenants feel safe requires a proactive approach. By taking the steps outlined above, you can create a secure and welcoming environment that tenants will be happy to call home.

When you outsource property management to us, we make sure your properties are in good condition and respond to maintenance issues swiftly and in a professional manner that boosts the confidence of your tenants in the safety of the property.


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